About Mar Dioscorus College of Pharmacy

Mar Dioscorus College of Pharmacy aims to become the leader for pharmaceutical learning and research while developing and empowering the students to inspire and contribute to the society.

Pharmacy is an important branch of medical science linking chemistry with the field of medicine. The word ” pharmacy ” is coined from the greek word “pharmakon” meaning drug. The profession ensures the analysis, development and dispensing of effective drugs enhancing the wellbeing of all living beings. The pharamacy has adapted to the modern requirements and specializations like community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, consultant pharmacy, internet pharmacy, veterinary pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, military pharmacy, pharmacy informatics just to name a few. Pharmacy finds versatile footholds in Pharceutical Industry, Practice Settings, Drug Control Departnents, Drug Testing Laboratories, Academics, Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs. Pharmacy represents the third largest health care professional group in the world. Pharmacy professionals enjoy substantial rewards for their efforts both in professional satisfaction as well as monetary benefits. The growing integration of medical system with pharmacy increases the scope of pharmacy many fold in the years to come.